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When it comes to managing your finances and planning for the future, your advice comes from many different specialized avenues. How often do your advisors sit down together, lay all the cards on the table and help decide what is best for your situation as a whole? Probably not often, if at all.

We provide an opportunity to review and discuss your unique legacy goals and plan.

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Lots of advice and examples of how we can help you can be found in our book Orchestrate Your Legacy. Each person’s estate, business and financial situation is unique, and there is no one size fits all answer. In Orchestrate Your Legacy, we look at very specific examples of different people that are in the midst of the planning process. We explain what makes their situation different and the specialized solutions that can help them, as well as the end result.

Reduce Your Income and Estate Taxes


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Protect Your Family, Business, and Heirs for Generations to Come


Pass on Your Values and Vision to Your Surviving Family


Feel Secure in the Plan You Have Made for Your Finances


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The first step towards avoiding high tax losses, planning your estate, and making the most of the money you leave behind is just a couple of clicks away. It’s your responsibility to make a plan for your finances; it’s our job to give you the clarity to choose the best path.

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About The Authors

Thomas J. Beno helps his clients prepare for the best retirement they can have. As co-author of the book ‘Orchestrate Your Legacy’, Thomas also works with business owners and professionals on legacy planning, tax reduction, and asset protection. He holds a BS in Finance from Montana State University, and has spent the last 20 years as a financial consultant. His broad experience includes lending, real estate, life insurance, and securities sales.

Thomas is a private pilot, and a passionate fly-fisherman. Tom splits his time between Texas, Montana, and Washington state.

BOB CROSETTO is a graduate of the University of Washington with a Master’s in Counseling from Seattle University and has been in the life insurance industry as a financial strategist for over thirty-five years. He is skilled at bringing experts to the table to help clients structure their unique legacy plans. Every situation is different but the goals are similar from saving on taxes, maintaining a lifestyle and providing for the future.

Orchestrate Your Legacy is the result of Bob’s vision to provide individuals, families and businesses with the knowledge of what’s available and possible in legacy planning. No single financial instrument can address all that is needed to protect and provide for the future.

Bob and his wife, Pam, live in Clyde Hill, WA and enjoy seven children and fifteen grandchildren.

Rick D. Bailey is the President of Camas Consulting, Inc., located in Vancouver, Washington where he specializes in advanced case design for estate, business and financial planning. Rick is a certified financial planner, holds both a BS in Accounting and Master of Accountancy/Taxation from Brigham Young University, a Juris Doctorate from the University of Idaho, and is an inactive member of the Washington State Bar Association.

After beginning his professional career in 1995 as an estate planning attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah, Rick went on to establish his own law practice and financial planning firm in Idaho. Rick built a successful practice that focused on the needs of high net worth and high income-producing individuals and business owners. He provided planning and consulting services for clients seeking to reduce income and estate taxes, prepare descendents for their inheritance and retain their wealth under family control. In 2005, Rick began working in the life insurance industry where he held various positions such as Advanced Planning Specialist and Regional Marketing Director. Rick’s responsibilities included assisting successful advisors in developing client and professional relationships, utilizing advanced planning techniques, and providing point of sale services.

In his spare time, Rick enjoys traveling and staying active at the gym and outdoors; and spending valuable time with his wife, five children, and a growing number of grandchildren.

What Others Are Saying About The Book

“It is one thing to make money. It is another thing to keep the money you make. This book is a comprehensive review of options for keeping your money. I especially like the clarity with which the authors present methods that others seem to complicate when they are describing them. I think this book would be very useful for all members of a family to read and discuss. It is never too soon to have open discussions about estates and taxes. On an annual basis I have a “Dad Was Just Eaten by a Lion” meeting with my children. The subject is the current state of Dad’s estate and how it will be distributed. This book is a perfect foil for discussion of these matters and developing understanding throughout the family.”

David Bork

Family Business Consultant, Speaker, and Author

“This anecdotal compilation of case studies is a must-read for anyone that is serious about protecting the wealth and legacy they have worked hard to create. The authors’ holistic approach to legacy planning is refreshing and insightful. I strongly encourage you to have your CPA, financial advisor, and attorney read it is well. It takes a team to build a dream, and it helps if everyone is on the same page. In the early years of my career as a CPA working in the income, estate, and gift tax areas, I waded through piles of dry reading … this is not one of those books! Bob and his team have done an excellent job presenting complex subject matter in a topical, anecdotal manner using real-life situations, which have benefitted their clients and heirs. The concise and resourceful appendix is a gem and should not be overlooked!”

Michael L. LaBaw,

CMGA, Serial Entrepreneur, Multiple Business Owner, Sustainable Farmer and Rancher